Teaching Movement with Confidence

Grow your confidence.

Re-ignite your passion for teaching.

Inspire your clients.

Expand your business.

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Teaching Movement with Confidence Course

Tired of feeling like you know your stuff but still can’t teach it confidently?

Moving your body in line with its natural design allows you to experience a richer enjoyment when interacting with others and your environment - that’s why teaching Pilates and other forms of movement can be so incredibly fulfilling. You get to guide others in improving their overall quality of life. But it’s not always that easy.

It’s one thing having the knowledge and training to understand your craft, but passing that on to others is another challenge entirely. When teaching is starting to feel like a chore and you’re struggling to effectively get across what you already know, you don’t need more high level theory. You need the tools that your training didn’t equip you with.

Teaching Movement With Confidence (TMWC) is an mmersive experience aimed at elevating your teaching, so you can create your confident new future. The information you get from the online training videos, help you with practical steps to immediately use in your classes. This course empowers you to deliver your knowledge in a way that hooks and inspires your clients, keeping them coming back for more.

Packed with practical tools that can be applied immediately, TMWC gives all movement teachers the chance to re-energise their work life and grow their classes. Equipped with the skills to clearly and easily bring what you know to your clients, you’ll fall in love with teaching movement again, and develop your own unique style to attract the clients you want to reach.

Is this course for you?

If you relate to some of the sentiments below, Teaching Movement With Confidence could change your professional life and the lives of your clients.

✔ You’re a pilates teacher, health professional or body therapist, hoping to hone the way you teach movement.

✔ You’re feeling self conscious or lacking in confidence when you teach movement, and you’re not sure how to change that.

✔ You’re a movement teacher who’s passionate about serving their clients in the best way possible.

✔ You’re dedicated to building a successful, fulfilling career in movement teaching.

✔ You’re curious, and open to taking practical steps to elevate your teaching, confidence and client success.

When this course isn't for you?

If you relate to some of the sentiments below, Teaching Movement With Confidence could change your professional life and the lives of your clients.

Bullet list

✘ You’re not willing to work at learning new skills, or are seeking a quick fix.

✘ You’re convinced that the way you teach is the only or best way.

✘ You’re unwilling to step out of your comfort zone.

✘ You have no prior movement teaching experience.

Your value breakdown

When it comes right down to it, what are you getting from this course and how much is it worth? Here’s the easy breakdown:

1. Video lessons that explain, guide you through the processes and formulas you need to elevate your teaching. You’ll also gain an in-depth understanding of learning in adults, and how to structure your classes for success.

Value: $1,500

2. E-book with all the vidoe information and more

Value: $27

3. Grow You Confidence Mindset course

Value: $97

4. Class Plan Template

Value: $50

5. Access to the supportive private Facebook community.

Value: Priceless

Total Value: More than $1,500

Actual Cost: $897

Are you ready to reignite your love for teaching movement, and inspire and engage your clients in a powerful new way?

Take advantage of this offer today!

Our Guarantee

We have complete confidence that this course works for people who are fully committed, and engage with the Teaching Movement With Confidence process. That’s why we can offer a ‘cast iron’ 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the course content and support, talk to us, and we’ll fully refund you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


A few words from people who have worked with Tania in the past:

  • Tania, I often get asked which Pilates trainer I’d recommend. Of course, I always say Hearts and Bones because you taught me how to teach, not just what to teach.- Catherine
  • You helped me transform the way I teach by providing a framework and structure to work with. Previously I didn't have that at all! Now I can confidently walk into any class and I know how to reach out and help.- Hayley
  • Learning from you has made me trust myself and trust that what I offer has value and is beneficial.- Liz
  • Your training absolutely helped me to step into the role of teacher more. It helped me clarify and feel confident in that role.- Elisa
This course includes:
  • 4 hours on-demand video

  • Full lifetime access

  • Downloadable resources

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion



How long does the course take?

You can create your own schedule. Tania suggests taking 2 weeks to work through the video content for each of the 4 modules. Watch one video a day. They are short and easy to digest. Read the accompanying book for more inspiration.

How long will I have access to the videos?

You have lifetime access to all course videos, so you can review and rewatch them whenever you like, even after course completion.

What if I want access to coaching sessions?

Contact Tania directly and she’ll help you explore coaching options to suit your specific needs.

Will it work?

This is a proven model, followed by many movement teachers around the world who have gone on to achieve great results in their life and business. We know this process works - that’s why we have a rigorous enrollment process, to make sure the course is a good fit for both you and us.

Will I have time to complete the course?

If your life feels hectic and you’re worried about fitting one more thing in, the Teaching Movement With Confidence course is exactly what you need. Teach smarter, not harder or longer, when you engage with the principles and tools in this programme.

Will this course help me become a better teacher and build my client base?

Yes, it will! The tools you’ll access in this course identify and build on your strengths, empowering you to be even more articulate, inspiring and awesome. Your clients will become your greatest advocates, as they benefit from amazing movement experiences with you.

Will I be able to stick with it?

Here’s the great thing: you won’t be alone. You’ll have our private Facebook community, so you’ll be able to stay on track. Beyond that, you’ll also have full support and guidance from Tania - we all want you to grow!